england so far

Iffffffffffff you know me at all or have read more than 3 of my blog posts you probably know I love to travel and move around quite frequently. Since I moved away from home 3 years ago I’ve now lived in 2 countries, 2 provinces, 6 cities and 7 houses. Not bad, if you ask me. I’m getting decently accustomed to purging and packing and starting over at this point.




So, England. My first move out of Canada. And my first move to a place where I know someone already. Pretty safe. Different enough from home, but not so much so that I feel like an alien.


As far as adjustments go, truly the biggest thing is the uncertainty crossing streets, not knowing what’s going on with the cars around me. Coming from a country where pedestrians have right of way and roads are straightforward, I’m a little fearful that my downfall will be stepping off a curb when I shouldn’t have. Other than that, nothing has thrown me off too much. I mean, I have been here before so it’s not completely new.

I’ve not yet gotten a UK SIM card for my phone, and I’m not hating it. I kind of like not having the distraction while I’m out of the house, so long as I can still open Maps and see where I’m going, I can survive.

So far, I’ve spent my time mostly applying for jobs, walking by the sea, and browsing many grocery stores. I do love a foreign grocery store. I could do a tour of grocery stores just gawking at the new and interesting vegan options and other things that are uncommonly seen in Canada. All in all, decent first week.


We’ll see how I get on for the next 8 months.




Because I am a Big Fan of taking the Long Way Home, Austria wasn’t the true end of my trip.

It ended up being cheapest to fly Salzburg to London, London to St. John’s, St. John’s to Toronto, so that’s what I did. I worked it out so I had nearly an entire day in London to wander around, eat some grocery store sandwiches – which, in the UK, are great by the way – and listen to English Girls by The Maine on repeat. I also had like 6 hours in St. John’s (Newfoundland, Canada) which I was super excited about because I’d never been there before.

I don’t know if it’s just the headspace I’ve been in both times I’ve visited the city, or the areas I chose to see, but I don’t really love London. I don’t hate it, I simply like other places more. Anyways. It doesn’t matter. I had a nice evening.

St. John’s, on the other hand, I adored. As luck had it, I ended up sharing a cab into town with a few other people and spent my entire layover hanging out with them and exploring a little bit of the island. We went up to Signal Hill and hiked all around it and into downtown, getting to know each other while being constantly awed by how beautiful the place we all randomly found ourselves in was. Seriously, the landscape was stunning, the classic coloured buildings in town contrasted so well, and the whole place felt so welcoming. Plus, the french fries I ate at a pub on the main street were freaking great. It was the best layover I’ve ever had. I didn’t get anyone’s contact information, and I don’t remember their names, but I hope they’re all having fun, wherever they are in the world.


Oh, and I somehow ended up in the “Plus” seats on the plane and was given free food and drinks the whole flight from London. I am 100% sure this was a mistake on their part, but I wasn’t about to forfeit all that luxury. Who would?

Also, this ad I saw in Iceland that I haven’t had the chance to include yet:


Aaaaaaand that’s it. That’s all. Now I’m back on Eastern time and sleeping in my own bed. Thinking about where I’ll go next, and where I’ll go after that, and after that and after that. Endless possibilities.

Here’s a song I kept hearing on the radio in Europe and that I still can’t get out of my head. Cheers!

Xo, Rachel