road trips

I like to consider myself a semi-professional when it comes to packing after spending the last 2ish years doing almost nothing but, so here are some words of stupidity from someone who still sucks at packing!

So, you’re going on a road trip? Been there. The prep is crucial to the whole experience, yeah? Sure. I recently got rid of nearly everything I owned except what I thought I would need living out of a car for 3 or so weeks, not even knowing where exactly I was going to be visiting. Turns out that BC is still pretty cold mid-March and maybe I shouldn’t have gotten rid of all my winter clothes. Live and learn.

What you’ll pack:

  • Healthy food so you can cook all your meals at hostels to save money
  • Instruments to play out of the back of your car at some picturesque lookout
  • Fancy camera to capture all the beautiful moments you’ll have
  • Books! You’ll have so much time to read!
  • Camping equipment
  • French press, duh
  • Clothes that don’t suit the season you’re travelling to
  • Cute decorations for the car
  • Emotional baggage
  • Soap that you’ll leave somewhere but replace with something from a free bin at a hostel
  • Multiple hat options
  • Yoga mats, for doing yoga…
  • Laundry detergent?

What you’ll actually need:

  • Clif bars, because you can’t be bothered to cook
  • Hair elastics!
  • A freaking coat
  • A water bottle
  • Podcasts to listen to
  • An aux cord
  • A map?
  • A plan?
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Cash
  • A charger for the fancy camera you brought
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Wifi to find the vegan options near you
  • Hand cream
  • All that car stuff that you are supposed to always have
  • Good spirits

But really though, if you cook your own food on road trips, please teach me how to be like you. I can’t do another 3 weeks of McDonalds and junk food from various gas stations. I really can’t. I’m just saying, those vagabonds I follow on Instagram must have some real talent because all the road trips I’ve been on have been dirty and unorganized and sleep-deprived. None of that string-lights-hung-above-a-cozy-bed-in-the-trunk, coffee-made-in-tin-mugs-over-a-campfire, writing-poetry-in-the-passenger-seat shit. We had fun, though. It just wasn’t pretty.

Xo, Rachel


Spring Cleaning

Though it isn’t technically spring yet, sometimes when the sun shines, it feels like it could be. I’ve been on a cleaning spree. No joke. Of course, given my years and years of reorganizing and purging my bedroom paired with the last year of my life spent as a full time housekeeper, I feel qualified enough to be giving some loose tips on making your spring cleaning worthwhile. We know I love a good list, right?

  • This one is kind of specific to me but if for some reason you get the chance (maybe going away for school) it is a real good’un: leave your space for an extended period of time. I partially moved out of my dad’s house for the summer, came back for a month, and then left again for almost 5 months and just now coming back has enabled me to look at all this stuff with fresh eyes. Seriously, if you can leave and come back, it is great. While cleaning I was able to say confidently that I had forgotten about certain pieces of clothing, knick-knacks, lipsticks, etc. and it didn’t even bother me to be rid of them. If I can go 5 months without 90% of the stuff I own, I OWN TOO MUCH CRAP.
  • Stop keeping shit for no reason. I was going through storage bins and memory boxes full of things that I realized I had no attachment to. Fliers that I’d gotten at shows, packaging for cameras I no longer own, empty products. While you’re at it, throw away things that are broken that you have little to no motivation or reason to fix. Why do we hold on to garbage? Why are we like this?
  • Don’t take your sentiment too far. For example, I kept the bag that I was given when I bought a shirt at the Taylor Swift concert I went to 3 years ago – that’s overboard. Keeping the shirt is fine, and keeping actual concert ticket is pretty normal but c’mon. Trust that your memory is good enough. Again, stop holding on to literal garbage. If you have already packed something away into a box for “sentimental” objects and haven’t taken it out in ages and don’t ever plan on displaying it – toss it. Don’t lie to yourself – there will never be a place for these things.
  • If you haven’t worn or used something that is meant to be worn or used in over 3 months (unless weather doesn’t permit), get rid of it. Now.
  • Putting stuff into boxes in your closet or under your bed is not productive. If you are hiding it away, reconsider why you chose to keep it. Unless you have serious storage problems and must keep things that you ACTUALLY USE hidden away, goodbye. Limit yourself to just a few boxes or drawers or whatever, or else you’ll end up once again keeping things that you should be tossing. And just because you’ve let yourself keep 3 boxes DOES NOT mean they should all be full. You need room for the new things you’ll collect eventually.
  • If you really really can’t get yourself to let go of something, pass it on to somebody that you’re close with. That way, if you end up in a life threatening situation because you don’t have that tiny statue of a lighthouse in your possession, you’ll be able to possibly get it back. Even if there isn’t a life threatening situation, you’ll know that your prized statue is in a good place. Unless you have terrible friends and/or family. I can’t help you with that.

So that was some tough love for y’all. I’m not saying that everything you own is worthless and all your belongings should fit in a 3 drawer dresser but sometimes it’s beneficial to pretend that your life is that way. There are definitely things that I refuse to give up simply because I still technically live with my parent and I hope to bring them into a place of my own someday but I swear I’m being (mostly) reasonable. Let’s all just aim to be a little more like all those minimalist/aesthetic Instagram accounts that are so popular right now, because they seem to have their lives together – even if it is mostly staged.