journal entry no. 19


some words from that first night in Copenhagen, when the jet lag was so bad I couldn’t sleep at all |some words from a song I really like

Xo, Rachel


journal entry no. 18



Truly can’t believe I succeeded in posting every day this month (2 years in a row babyyyy) – I hope if anyone followed along they enjoyed themselves because I am really proud of some of the things I put up throughout October and hope to keep this momentum going?? Maybe?

Here’s a cliche life lesson to take away: let it out. Let it alllllllll out. You’ll feel better afterwards.

Xo, Rachel


hung up

apologies for the lil hiatus – here’s a thing I wrote in the spring

i’ve kept all these people as options
never letting them walk out of my life fully
in my mind i’ve kept them
hung on the back of a door
by the collars of their shirts
in case i ever need someone

i say i don’t want to play games
as i deal the cards out

i never commit to any one
for fear of losing the others
but by doing that
i don’t truly have anyone
just parts of people
spread over cities i don’t live in
and won’t visit
because it’s not like we are dating

but i don’t say anything
i simply keep them hung up,
and stay hung up on them


xo, rachel