OK, this one is gonna be a lot. I spent over a week in Germany and stayed in 3 completely different places.

Hamburg/Salzhausen (4 days)
I stayed with a friend for this chunk of time, so I actually had someone to guide me! The first night, I was taken to a little lake, then we went to Luneburg where I saw my first German Friday market/fair, and got a taste of the architecture and feel of good ol’ Germany. The next day we went to the Luneburger Heide and hiked around for a while which was so beautiful. And we only got lost once. We spent the last day in Hamburg with another one of my friends, mostly walking and catching up, plus we went to the Elbphilharmonie (for free) and got those sweet views. Oh, and we saw It at the movie theater which was cool. The rest of my time there was spent hanging out with my friend’s friends, drinking too many German beers, and sleeping in.

Stuttgart/Rottenburg (1 day)
Again, I stayed with a friend here so I mostly just hung out and again, drank too many beers. I did get a little tour of the area on my friend’s motorcycle though, which was probably the most badass thing I’ve ever done. Sorry, dad. I also had a very nice latte made by a very cute boy at Kaffewerk. Would recommend.

Munich/Kubach (4 days)
While staying in Kubach I utilized my AirBnb host and the local trains to explore Aichach (ate some gelato and explored an old church), Augsburg (ate at Mom’s Table, enjoyed the river, got lost) and Munich (went to Lost Weekend¬†and loved it, explored various neighbourhoods and loved it, walked along the river, and ate dinner at Bodhi which I LOVED[good food, good music, cutie waiter]). Which were all beautiful. And Bavarian. I think.

And that was Germany. Straw roofs, farms, graffiti, old friends, new friends, and beers. Good times.


Xo, Rachel