Cities are fun, but good god damn I was ready to get into the woods. I really needed a good hike and some fresh air.

Innsbruck (4 days)
On the bus ride from Munich, not gonna lie, I got a lil emotional when the landscape started changing from hills to mountains, when I could really see the fall colours, all of it. The small piece of Austria that I saw immediately topped everywhere I’d been before. No offence, but like I said, cities are cities and nature really GETS ME. While I was completely unprepared to be doing steep, rough trails, I did it anyway. I’m not about to visit the Austrian Alps and admire them from the base. To get on with it, Innsbruck was my favourite place – it felt a lot like ski towns I’ve been to in BC, and I love that.
Food wise I cheaped out because my hostel had free breakfast and at this point I was pretty sure I’d spent more money than I’d planned so I ate mostly grocery store food. I did get Indian food twice from Sahib and some soup from My Indigo, and the vegan burger from Ludwig which was so bomb I also went to their location in Salzburg. I went to a vegan cafe as well but I didn’t like it so I’m not gonna link it!! I did ride the gondola up the mountain one of the days, which is a little expensive but if you don’t feel like hiking nearly an hour uphill just to get to the head of trails, maybe splurge. Either way, definitely do a trail. I had the absolute best time wandering around in the forest, took a million photos, and had I wanted to (I did but I was being cheap), I could have stopped for a beer at one of many restaurants up there. Who doesn’t wanna stop for a mid-hike beverage with ridiculous views of Innsbruck, surrounded by farm animals and other dirty hikers? Actually this entire stop was full of fails on my part, as the next day I got on the wrong train and ended up having to hike another hour to the start of the trail I wanted to do, and didn’t end up having enough time to complete it. Haha. I still had a great time, because it’s all part of the EXPERIENCE. Right? Plus I saw a wild goat that day and went through a rock tunnel because of my detour. Which was cool. Innsbruck was cool. I think the trails I did were Arzler Alm and Eagle Walk Stage 14 (the one I didn’t finish), plus some other random twists and turns I did on a whim on my way up and down the mountain. Honestly, any trail would have been stunning, I just happened to choose these.

Salzburg (2 days)
I kind of messed up planning and only really had one full day in Salzburg, which was not ideal – but I think I made the most of that day. I walked along the river, ate some really good food (breakfast at Gustav [the best sandwich I’ve ever had! Nice small talk with other customers!], lunch/dinner at Uncle Van) , and enjoyed some views of the hills and castles (?) surrounding the town. The hills were truly alive. With the sound of church bells. Brilliant.

What a magical place. Everyone, get to Austria. For me. Shouts out to the friend that encouraged me to go there because like Denmark, I don’t know when I would have gotten around to it without some prompt.

Xo, Rachel




OK, this one is gonna be a lot. I spent over a week in Germany and stayed in 3 completely different places.

Hamburg/Salzhausen (4 days)
I stayed with a friend for this chunk of time, so I actually had someone to guide me! The first night, I was taken to a little lake, then we went to Luneburg where I saw my first German Friday market/fair, and got a taste of the architecture and feel of good ol’ Germany. The next day we went to the Luneburger Heide and hiked around for a while which was so beautiful. And we only got lost once. We spent the last day in Hamburg with another one of my friends, mostly walking and catching up, plus we went to the Elbphilharmonie (for free) and got those sweet views. Oh, and we saw It at the movie theater which was cool. The rest of my time there was spent hanging out with my friend’s friends, drinking too many German beers, and sleeping in.

Stuttgart/Rottenburg (1 day)
Again, I stayed with a friend here so I mostly just hung out and again, drank too many beers. I did get a little tour of the area on my friend’s motorcycle though, which was probably the most badass thing I’ve ever done. Sorry, dad. I also had a very nice latte made by a very cute boy at Kaffewerk. Would recommend.

Munich/Kubach (4 days)
While staying in Kubach I utilized my AirBnb host and the local trains to explore Aichach (ate some gelato and explored an old church), Augsburg (ate at Mom’s Table, enjoyed the river, got lost) and Munich (went to Lost Weekend and loved it, explored various neighbourhoods and loved it, walked along the river, and ate dinner at Bodhi which I LOVED[good food, good music, cutie waiter]). Which were all beautiful. And Bavarian. I think.

And that was Germany. Straw roofs, farms, graffiti, old friends, new friends, and beers. Good times.


Xo, Rachel

journal entry no. 14


Please note the cute little star where I folded the corner of the page over. Also these words from last year? Or maybe the year before? Not sure. But I like them.

Side note I was just reminded of The Sky Is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson, which is full of the main character’s poems and thoughts written on scraps of paper and trash and left to be found or swept away in the wind. I really loved that book.


Xo, Rachel


Well, I only stopped in Copenhagen, but still. Denmark, baby!

I did the bare minimum when planning this trip so I had no itinerary or idea what I should be seeing/doing in any of the places I went, so if I missed something, don’t tell me. Because I don’t know.

I spent most of my 5 days in Copenhagen just admiring the culture and feel of the place. I’d been to the UK before, but Europe is like a different world. I don’t even know how to explain it, it feels familiar but completely foreign at the same time. The sheer amount of bikers constantly caught my attention. I don’t think I’d ever seen so many bikes in such a short period of time. And the cute little tables and chairs outside of every cafe and restaurant, everyone outside enjoying the sun and the air of early fall. Wonderful. Everyone was so friendly and seemingly easy-going. I loved the simple style, colourful old buildings, the people. Don’t even get me started on the food. Before going vegan, I really didn’t care what I ate while I was travelling. I’d eat grocery store sandwiches and french fries and whatever was cheap and closeby. Now finding food is half of the fun of being in a new place. Copenhagen really came through with the vegan options, there were so many places I could eat I didn’t know which to choose.

For future reference, or in case any of you end up in Copenhagen, here are the places I ate. I loved every single one, and they were all so unique:

  • Cafe N (liked the food/atmosphere/staff so much I went there twice)
  • GreenBurger (if you like mock-meat/fast food/junk like I do)
  • Kaf (so freaking cute)
  • SimpleRaw (I’m not usually a raw food binch but the brunch was so good!!)
  • Kaffestuen Vesterbro (originally went here to ask for directions and later found out they had a ton of vegan stuff so I went back the next day)

As for other stuff, I am a big fan of walking around all day and stopping when something catches my eye. So I ended up in a few record stores, thrift shops, walked along the water, sat around in parks, drank coffees, stuff I’d do in any place.

A highlight was definitely the botanical gardens – which I wasn’t that excited about but then I remembered how much I love plants. I don’t even know how long I was there, taking photos, admiring the greenery, people watching. 10/10, and it’s free. Even the gift shop was fantastic!!

I’m trying to incorporate humans into my photos more, so there may be a pattern here.

Of course, being Europe, there was some Old Stuff. Much older than anything here in Canada. Which was exciting and much more interesting than I thought it’d be. I mean, I didn’t know how stoked I’d be about buildings and mailboxes and streets.

I don’t know what else to say. The whole thing went by so fast, I only remember enjoying myself and feeling welcome. Oh, and the signage. There was some great signage.

Overall, I’m really glad that the flight to Denmark was the cheapest – because I don’t know if I’d ever gone otherwise. Not because I didn’t want to, but because I has no idea just how much I’d love it.

And that wraps up our first stop (unless you count the brief layover I had in Iceland, which was only long enough for me to buy a neck pillow and eat a granola bar).

Truly may have left a piece of me in Scandinavia, and I can’t wait to go back…

Xo, Rachel


journal entry no. 11, 12, 13



Disclaimer: like your high school math teacher, I am not an “artist”


I can actually remember sitting in a cafe in Victoria (Koffi, to be specific, which I only went to once but really loved) trying so hard to write something and leaving with only these doodles and something about the music they were playing (old Bastille, which reminds me of high school).


Not pictured: the “first time paying rent” home, the “downtown apartment” home, and the “cabin in the woods” home. I only had 3 post-it notes. And I move a lot.

Xo, Rachel


a year in music

Last year I organized my favourite music by location but this year I’m going to organize it by activity, because that seems the most fitting.

I spent the summer riding my bike around a small town, usually at sunset, and I found myself gravitating towards a certain sound for those post-work rides, a kind of dreamy, upbeat, tapping my fingers on my handlebars type of vibe.

  • HAIM – Something To Tell You
    Want You Back, Nothing’s Wrong, Little Of Your Love
  • Bad Sports – I’m In Love With Myself
  • George Ezra – Don’t Matter Now
  • Bleachers – Gone Now
    Let’s Get Married, Everybody Lost Somebody, I Miss Those Days
  • Charli XCX – Boys
  • Now, Now – SGL

Music from last winter, so it encompasses waiting for buses, riding buses, walking instead of taking the bus, whatever.

  • Madeline Juno – Salvation
    No Words, Hindsight, Stupid Girl
  • Hippo Campus – Landmark
    Monsoon, Way It Goes, Tuesday
  • King Charles – Loveblood
    Lady Percy, Bam Bam, Mississippi Isabel
  • The Regrettes – Feel Your Feelings Fool!
    I Don’t Like You, Hey Now, Hot
  • Husbands – Golden Year
    Phoenix, Stay Gold, Some Surf

Also good for cooking dinner, doing yoga, or falling asleep.

  • John Mayer – The Search For Everything
    Roll It On Home, Still Feel Like Your Man, In The Blood
  • Lewis Watson – Midnight
    When The Water Meets The Mountains, Deep The Water, Give Me Life
  • Dodie – You
    Would You Be So Kind?, 6/10, You
  • Rusty Clanton – Calm & Normal
    You’re In My Head, I Love You (But I’m Leaving)
  • Julia Nunes – Some Feelings
    Something Bad, Then OK, Make Out

I don’t drive, but I do spend quite a lot of time in cars. These come from the road trips I went on in the spring, the many trips up to Tobermory and back, going camping, etc. etc.

  • Bear Hands – Distraction
    The Bug, Bone Digger, Agora
  • Ed Sheeran – Divide
    What Do I Know?, Barcelona, Galway Girl
  • The Maine – Lovely Little Lonely
    Taxi, The Sound Of Reverie, Bad Behaviour
  • Harry Styles – Harry Styles
    Two Ghosts, From The Dining Table, Meet Me In The Hallway
  • Jocelyn – Just Like Everybody Else

Alternatively, music for good moods.

  • Lorde – Melodrama
    Supercut, The Louvre, Writer In The Dark
  • Bugs – Growing Up
    Instant Coffee, Garbage Man, Island In My Head
  • Scott Helman – Hotel De Ville
    PDA, Ripple Effect, 21 Days
  • Paramore – After Laughter
    Fake Happy, Pool, Rose-Colored Boy
  • Jukebox The Ghost – Stay The Night

A mix of angst and melancholy stuff. Mostly melancholy.

  • Chase Huglin – You Deserve An Island
    Pills, Niagara
  • Sorority Noise – Using
  • Mother Mother – Dread In My Heart
  • Football Club – The Football Club EP
    One Dollar Coffee
  • Girlpool – Powerplant
    Corner Store, Soup, 123

Because I just got back from a 3 week trip and it deserves its own category.

  • Alvvays – Antisocialites
    Lollipop (Ode To Jim), Dreams Tonite, Not My Baby
  • The Front Bottoms – Going Grey
    Bae, Don’t Fill Up On Chips, Ocean
  • Knuckle Puck – Shapeshifter
    Double Helix, Gone, Want Me Around
  • Misterwives – Reflections
  • Aly & AJ – Take Me

And a special mention to Niall Horan’s Flicker because even though it just came out, I don’t wanna wait until next year to talk about it. It’s filling that One Direction-sized hole in my autumn playlists and I am so thankful.

What have you been loving??? Did I miss anything? This post ended up being a million times longer than anticipated but I kept remembering tunes as I went and thinking up new categories and it’s kind of a huge mess now. Whatever!!

(Also, follow me on Spotify for monthly playlists wehey!)

Xo, Rachel