dark january

And squares
And sideways glares

And you
And dark shades of blue

And now
It all broke somehow

And toes
And the way these things go

And squares
And me over here
And you over there

Xo, Rachel



journal entry no. 5


Self love isn’t all about bubble baths – it’s about actually taking care of yourself. Be kind to yourself by putting good things into your body and using it to move.

I find a lot of acceptance in my body now because I see what it does for me when I let it – my legs are toned because I take myself on walks, because I spent the summer biking everywhere. I used to hate my arms but they allowed me to do my job, they are strong enough to lend a hand to someone in need.

Basically, I spend a lot less time looking at my body and a lot more time using it.

Xo, Rachel