journal entry no. 34


Another one from the Summer of Long Distance.



journal entry no. 33




This one could have also been included in my imaginary #writtenindirt series, since I wrote it on the back of an envelope by a lake somewhere probably.


I got my headphones caught on a tree branch while I was hiking and they broke on me, so for a couple of days I couldn’t listen to music while I was out and about, and I got real introspective. I genuinely spend nearly no time without some sort of distraction whether it be music or podcasts or whatever, and it really threw me off to have to be in the moment for once.

When I was in group therapy a few years back our leader gave us the challenge to go the week without blocking out the world with our headphones, as she took it as a social crutch and at the time all I came away with was the fact that I really enjoyed having background music while riding the bus or walking to school, but I know now that it truly is a crutch. I wish I could feel comfortable without it, but it’s hard. Though I wrote so much those few days where I couldn’t zone out to whatever was on my Discover Weekly playlist.



the spring

Back to our little catch up – let’s talk about spring.

For context, the ski season ended the first week of April and I was “on vacation” from that point on, for all of the spring. Needless to say, I had quite a lot of time on my hands. Not that I did much with it.

pictured: Canmore, Capilano suspension bridge, Banff, West Edmonton Mall, Jasper, Calgary etc. 

This first segment looks a lot like winter, because apparently, in Alberta, it still was. But driving through the snowy mountains wasn’t something I’d ever complain about. I seem to start every spring with a road trip through the mountains (3 years in a row. Not planned) and they keep getting better. I don’t think those views could ever get old for me.

And then I took my girlfriend home with me! To meet my family! And drag her around my hometown for a while! So the rest of the season was spent browsing thrift stores, drinking coffee, riding bikes, hanging out with my family, and gazing at waterfalls.

Pictured: Dundas, Hamilton, Kingston, Turkey Point, London, Niagara Falls etc.

As always, feeling the warmth of the sun again was a treat, and getting to lounge around in it all day every day, well, who could ask for more?

I am realizing I don’t live a very standard type of life, and sometimes even I get my own timeline mixed up. Organizing my photos helps.