a note-to-self

it was nice while it lasted.

remember this. do not taint good memories with the present situation. don’t look back and only see failed relationships and crumbled friendships as they ended. do not forget about all the good times before the fated finish. you shouldn’t strive to forget people that are no longer in your life. they were there for exactly as long as they were meant to be. there was never going to be anything more. it is only because of expectations we create that it feels like an unfair parting. remember people for everything that they were, instead of everything they were not, everything you wanted them to be. remember the good.

i was talking to one of my friends on the phone recently and he told me that even when it’s over, if you cared about someone, it doesn’t go away. if it came down to dropping everything if they ever needed it, you probably would. and i think that’s ok. just don’t leave the light on for the rest of your life. maybe you needed to hear this, too. hope you’re well.

xo, rachel




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