Me as a Tour Guide

So I recently moved to Victoria and have been slowly making my way around the city when I have time. This past week, my dad came out to the west coast to visit me (and for work but mostly for me, right?) and that was my chance to really start getting out there.

My dad rented a car for the duration of the time he was out here, and we took full advantage of that, from driving to work in the morning to making the journey back to Tofino, where I spent my summer. It’s a little hard to show someone around when you don’t fully know the place yet yourself, but it was a lot of fun. More often, we went to places I hadn’t even seen yet, but had heard good things about. My dad also brought a camera charger from back home so I can finally use my camera again! Hurray! I know I could have just bought a new charger after losing my last one, but I just hate spending money on stuff like that!!

Here are a few of my favourite photos that I took during the 4 and a half days my dad was in town

Now that I can actually use my camera I’m stoked to start taking pictures again and properly learning photo stuff. Cool.

I think I’m finally rested enough after blogtober to continue blogging again so there’s that!

Xo, Rachel


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