A Day Off

If you didn’t know, I have 2 jobs currently. And usually when I have a spare minute, I’m either writing these posts or climbing a mountain or something. I don’t really give myself a break very often. Blame my dad for this. He doesn’t know how to chill and neither do I most of the time.

I just had a 4 day streak of working at least 8 hours and today, honestly, I was tired. Since I don’t work, I decided to also give myself the day off from the outside world. It’s currently after 3pm and I’m still in my PJs with no plans to put on “real clothes” at all today. I spent my morning catching up on some chores I’d been neglecting because I’ve been getting home at the end of the day and pretty much collapsing into bed immediately. So, I guess it wasn’t a complete day of neglecting real life, but it was as close as I can get without feeling completely useless. I also did a bit of yoga/stretching, wrote tomorrow’s post, and watched a few hours’ worth of YouTube videos. It’s been good.

Here’s a video of me attempting to do a headstand lol

Xo, Rachel



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