Last summer I kept a (mostly) daily journal and completely forgot about it until I was trying to think of something I could post today! Here are a few entries.


two-day | 2015.05.15

I didn’t write anything yesterday because I was trying to be social. I mostly just watched Modern Family alone. It’s fine.

Seahaven – Andreas

—— | 2015.05.19

What do you do when the music stops? I’m sitting in the dugout and it’s sunny and it’s silent. The only thing I hear is a bee buzzing by and the wind in the trees. It’s peaceful and terrifying.

Jeremy Loops – Skinny Blues

Unanswered | 2015.05.25

What’s your biggest fear? Too deep. What’s your life ambition? Way too deep.

Shawn Mendes – Kid In Love

Home | 2015.05.28

There are only 2 radio stations here; classic rock and country. Both of them remind me of weekends at my dad’s house, my family, the smell of my backyard.

Air Traffic Controller – The House

Mhmmmm | 2015.06.05

I found myself smilinig uncontrollably while swimming in the lake today. It was a great moment. I was just floating there, listening to music coming from my phone on the dock, surrounded by mountains. Bliss, if I ever knew it.

The Goo Goo Dolls – Sympathy

🙂 | 2015.06.11

I’m good.

Young Rising Sons – F**ked Up

Wait | 2015.07.14

“You brought a knife to a game of Risk?”

5 Seconds of Summer – Everything I Didn’t Say

Xo, Rachel


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