Because I’m a millennial and I love social media and my phone is a part of my body, I use it for everything. I take photos of everything and post dumb stuff in various places every single dang day, but some stuff doesn’t make the cut for one reason or another.

That’s where the Twitter drafts come in. I use my drafts for everything. I know my phone comes with a notes app and I do use that, but the vibe is different over there. It feels more highkey to put something in my notes.

So today I’m going to look through my drafts and y’all are going to join me and hopefully get some insight into the things I wanna keep but not necessarily share with the world just yet (until now I guess)

  • The bus driver slowed down so we could all see the deer on the side of the road thanks!!!!
  • The best thing about this is not a good one
  • “Thank you for being there even when you’re not”
  • Let’s have another toast to the girl aLMIGHTY
  • “The more you do, the more you do”
  • So desperate we just ordered pizza from the restaurant on the highway #smalltownshit
  • Should I get Subway or should I love myself?
  • “My brain is a hope-making engine” “I’m so glad, mine is a worst-case-scenario generator”
  • Make a sandwich
  • “Exaggerating my disappointment in order to hide it”
  • Tomatoes, cheese? pasta, pasta sauce, breakfast? milk, stuff for another soup? other fruit, chocolate or cookies

My personal favourite is definitely the one about Subway (and I do remember choosing Subway in the end) and now that these are all set free into the world, I can start fresh!!

Also follow me on twitter lmao 

Xo, Rachel




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