Hey, I’m alone on thanksgiving again but at least this year I’m not eating goldfish crackers and laffy taffy for dinner! Thankful for that!

Of course, without my family here, it doesn’t quite feel like a holiday, but we press on.

It’s weird to think that at this time last year I had just moved back to BC where I’d stay for another 5 months before returning home to visit my family. Each time I go home, I’ve been gone longer than I had ever before. Well, before I moved out here for the first time last May, the longest I’d gone without seeing my family was probably a week. Maybe not even that long, honestly. So those 3 months felt like an eternity (and my siblings even came to visit me half way through, so it wasn’t even 3 months). 5 months was a long time. Now, I’m 5 and a half months into this move and I probably won’t be back home until at least the end of December. The difference is that this time, I won’t be quitting my job and packing up all of my things. This time, nobody is expecting me to stay. It’s weird, because I grew up having my entire family living no more than a 15 minute drive away. Now, it’s a 5 hour flight. This is not what this post is about. Basically I’m thankful that I have such a close family, and that when I call they almost always answer the phone.

It’s been a good year. I’ve had a lot of interesting and insightful people come into my life from all over the world, and I’ve been to a lot of places I’d never been before.

I’m also thankful that I can live independently, I can take time off to see the world, and that I had the day off and could spend it reading Eat, Pray, Love. Life’s good.

Here’s a song that reminds me of holidays at my dad’s house:

Xo, Rachel


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