Jean Jacket

A lot of the pages in my journal are filled with song lyrics and if the song hits particularly close to home, I’ll expand on it. Here’s something that I wrote because the first time I heard this song it SPOKE TO ME. Not to be dramatic or anything but it was a spiritual experience. Just kidding. Kind of.

March 2016

When I look back now / forever 19 somehow / ’cause when I put on my jean jacket / I still think about you

I met you in my 19th summer and while it’s all a blur now, some bits and pieces float to the forefront of my memory on occasion. Like when the 3 of us took a trip to the city – I was sitting in your backseat in a heat that choked my breath. I remember you skateboarding in that grocery store parking lot, remember that shabby thrift store where he bought a James Bond DVD and you bought that old punk CD that we listened to the whole way home. And you both convinced me to buy this old jean jacket from the kids’ section that fit me perfectly. When I wear it now I’m 19 and carefree, like we’re still in that heat and I’m looking at you from the backseat.

Because sometimes you’re in Halifax and it’s raining and you get into your feelings, you know? I know you know.

Xo, Rachel


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