Here is a poem I wrote in high school that I apparently thought was worthy of transferring from my family computer when I got my own laptop. Amazing. It’s a work of fiction and I don’t know if that makes it more or less cringe-worthy but here goes!

I never understood the term
“I see your face in every crowd”
Until I walked onto that bus
And swore I saw you standing there

I drink 4 cups a day now
I know you’d strongly disapprove
But you’re not here to tell me that
And I lay down my spoon

I think you moved far away
Like you always said you would
Though I still live at home
Collecting dust and bad moods
What’s the point of being here
If there’s nothing tying me down
Besides all of these stupid ghosts
And the hope that you’ll come back

I felt you in the hallway
Where I know you’ve been before
Perhaps I’m losing my mind
And just can’t get a fucking grip

I cleverly think of a way
To let you know I’m not fine
Although I wish that I was
And type it all out one night

 Aren’t we all glad that I have kept that poem for all this time? I sure am…

Xo, Rachel


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