22 Hours in/around Ottawa

Long story short, because I didn’t end up getting to see One Direction in Vancouver while I was still in BC, I felt like I deserved to see them for a second time anyways, and Ottawa just worked out. 

To be honest, for a second there I considered buying tickets to both shows in Ottawa but then my better judgement kicked in and I decided it was a bit overboard.

I’d never been to Ottawa, despite not living that far from it, and despite the fact that it’s the nation’s damn capital city. I’m sure there was a school trip at some point that I could have gone on but whatever, I was going now.


8:06am – Catch the city bus to the Greyhound station

8:07am – Walk out the door with my brother and see the bus pulling away

8:08am – Walk to a different bus stop in hopes that a bus will come by

8:10am – See the bus about to pass us, start running and thankfully, get on


9:39am – Finally get on the Greyhound, 19 minutes later than scheduled

11:16am – Get dropped off in Toronto to catch the connecting Greyhound at

11:30am – Get on a crowded Greyhound and sit beside a stranger

4:15pm – Get dropped of at Kanata City Centre and realize that it’s not the Walmart plaza you’d hoped it would be

4:16pm – Start walking in the wrong direction

4:17pm – Start walking in the right direction

4:32pm – Get on a city bus that you hope is heading towards your destination

4:50pm – Get off the city bus after passing your destination, end up walking around an outlet mall, unable to find a way back to the street

053 054

5:11pm – Unknowingly start walking towards a bridge with no sidewalks, then walk across the bridge anyway because there is no other way to go

5:34pm – Arrive at your airbnb host’s house incredibly sweaty and red-faced

6:00pm – After showering and putting on a fresh shirt, get driven to the Canadian Tire Centre by your airbnb host

8:00pm until 10:00pm – Be serenaded by One Direction up-close and die inside

117 136

10:00pm – Walk back the your airbnb host’s house, staring at the stars the whole time

10:30pm until 11:30pm – Eat pancakes with your airbnb hosts and talk about life


7:00am – Be woken up by construction noises and sunlight coming in through the blinds

7:45am – Get driven to the bus stop by your airbnb host

9:00am – Arrive in Ottawa!!

9:20am until 9:40am – Walk along the water by the Rideau Canal

161 164

9:40am until 9:55am – Try and find the parliament buildings but completely forget what they look like

10:00am – Consult a map

10:08am – Reach the parliament building and suddenly remember what it looks like, take selfies, and post Snaps with geofilters on them

178 183

10:08am until 2:30pm – Walk around and absorb the city as much as possible, buy a gross smoothie, take a wrong turn, buy a postcard, panic that you won’t make it to the bus in time, make it to the bus in time

198 201

2:30pm – Say goodbye to the city

7:30pm – Get off what felt like the longest bus ride of your entire life and venture through Toronto

8:00pm – Get on another bus home

9:10pm – Get off the bus and get on a city bus

9:36pm – HOME

Yeah, I’m sure if I had planned things a little better I could have seen more, and I almost regret not staying 2 nights but it is what it is, and I had a great time! Itwas nice to get away by myself for a little while and see something new. I also have only good things to say about my first time using airbnb – my host was really sweet and helpful and she lived really close to the venue where I saw One Direction so it all worked out beautifully.

On another note, I got a notification recently that my blog is a whole year old!! I know I haven’t been keeping up with the music posts for months now and I could blame that on lack of internet (because I really didn’t have reliable internet) although honestly, it was lack of inspiration and lack of focus. I didn’t know what I wanted to write about. Hopefully I’ll get back into things because obviously I love writing stuff like this.

Hope you’re all well!

Xo, Rachel


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