So I’m on a different time zone now. I’ll explain that another day.

  • Twenty One Pilots – Ride
    Every song they’ve released so far has had a different sound, and I love it. I love this one. “I’ve been thinking too much, help me” really sticks to you.
  • Young Rising Sons – F**ked Up
    Reminds me a lot of Miss Jackson by Panic! At The Disco. You’ll see why.
  • Bea Miller – Force Of Nature
  • Patrick Watson – Love Songs For Robots
    Some tunes for those chilled out late spring days.
  • Parachute – Crave
    I think the album artwork gives a good impression of the general vibe of this song. Parachute is going more mainstream pop and I don’t hate it.
  • Paradise Fears – Reunion
    I first heard this (I think?) the last time I saw Paradise Fears. It is equally as good now, and I think a lot of 20-somethings would really relate to the feeling of surrounding themselves with people but still feeling lonely. And watching people you went to school with grow up.
  • Walk Off The Earth – Home We’ll Go
    I don’t know why but I’m getting Zac Brown Band/Mumford & Sons vibes.
  • New Politics – West End Kids
    As someone who grew up on the west side of town (lol) I am really connecting with this song. Even though I can’t actually relate to any of it. It’s hype.

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Xo, Rachel


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