Our last April list!

  • Zac Brown Band – Jekyll + Hyde
    I think the album title does a swell job pointing out the two distinct sounds on this album. We’ve got the summery, upbeat more “country” songs, and then the edgier, almost rock songs. I dig it. My family digs it.
    Must hear: Castaway, Homegrown, Remedy
  • The Weepies – Sirens
    I love this. The Tom Petty cover caught me by surprise and I really like it. A very easy album to listen to.
    Must hear: No Trouble, Learning To Fly, Early Morning Riser
  • Twenty One Pilots – Stressed Out
    I am SO excited for Blurryface to come out. All 3 of the songs that have been released so far have been put on repeat straight after listening for the first time. I think all of those currently in post-secondary or even in their 20s will relate to this song and how it feels to be overwhelmed by adulthood and student debt.

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Xo, Rachel


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