I can only hope that the post scheduler doesn’t fail me now

  • Passenger – Whispers II
    I had a sneaking suspicion that Passenger would follow up last year’s release of Whispers (the I on the album cover might have been the cause) and I’m so glad I was right. He’s so freaking good at telling stories. And I love hearing them. Over and over. I remember ripping audio from a video of him busking Travelling Alone off of YouTube SO long ago and I had almost accepted that I’d never get a studio version but he pulled through with it, much like he did by putting 27 on Whispers. I love this guy.
    Must hear: Fear Of Fear, Nothings Changed, Travelling Alone
  • Panic! At The Disco – Hallelujah
    I have been jamming to this one HARDCORE since it was released on Sunday night. It doesn’t stray far from stuff off Too Weird To Live… and I think that’s great because that might be my favourite album of theirs. Are they even a they? How many of the band members are original band members at this point?
  • As It Is – Never Happy, Ever After
    Such an emo album name. As I’ve said before, I think this band has to potential to find it’s spot on the mainstream radio, as they are catchy and not too edgy. Not to say that they’re any less punk or anything, but I could see tons of teenagers getting into their music. They’re great at making me wanna aggressively sing along to the choruses and bridges.
    Must hear: Dial Tones, Sorry, Cheap Shots & Setbacks
  • Passion Pit – Kindred
    I listened to this as I was getting ready this morning and I found the experience enjoyable. That’s all I really have to say.

I will add that Action Item came back from the dead and (FINALLY) released the second part of their Great Life EP series. I haven’t listened to it yet, though. While Action Item was crawling out of their grave, Hollywood Ending started digging theirs. They announced that they’re releasing their first full length album in May, followed by a tour, and then they’re calling it quits. Shame. Kind of.

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Xo, Rachel


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