My First Vegeversary

Uhhhhhhhh… yeah. I’m calling it that. Moving swiftly on..

OK, so as you probably don’t know, I’m a vegetarian. I didn’t exactly write down the exact date that I made the change, but I vaguely remember that the first meal-oriented holiday that I went through afterwards was Easter (hopefully I’m correct about this). And since that has passed, I’m calling this a year.

I will first start off by saying that this might be the only thing in my life that I have fully committed to with the flip of a switch. I (and pretty much everyone around me) thought that I’d probably give up or succumb to the lure of bacon or something like that. But I haven’t! At first, it was somewhat difficult to re-learn menus at restaurants and figure out my limited options, but that only lasted a few months at most. It’s second nature now. The whole thing is, really. I don’t even think about it anymore. I’m never stuck trying to find replacements in meals, most of the time I’m either eating something that didn’t involve meat in the first place, or just making something that could have meat (spaghetti, rice & veg, pizza) and not adding the meat part. It’s all good over here.

In the upcoming year(s) I hope to scope out more vegatarian specific restaurants and try out more decidedly vegetarian meals. I’ve only strayed as far as eating a few (really bad) veggie burgers and I had a brief stint with almond milk, as well as concocting my own bean burgers (much better than whatever play doh was in the store bought alternative). I’m gonna try to be less lazy with it all (yes, I can acknowledge that I’ve had too many dinners of JUST french fries, although I do love french fries).

I still have plans to convert to a completely vegan and cruelty free lifestyle but like last year, I’m still living at home and mostly not buying my own groceries or shampoo etc. I try where I can and I always have that end goal in mind.

I think that pretty much covers everything! Here’s to many more years of trying to lessen my negative impact on the world!

Xo, Rachel


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