When your favourite band releases an album, it’s a good week

  • The Maine – American Candy
    It’s a real shame we only got 10 songs, but I love every single one of them. The sound is so diverse, some songs sound like they could have been on the Imaginary Numbers EP, some sound more old school, and some are uniquely American Candy. I am always in awe of how they manage to sneak in such impactful and #deep lyric into seemingly upbeat and simple songs. All of that and everything else is what continuously solidifies them in the “favourite band” slot in my heart. I don’t have much to say about anything else on this list so I’ll just ramble for a while seeing as I’m not planning to do a review. 24 Floors made me cry. It was so real and so unexpected and I could not handle it. My Hair should be sent to Harry Styles until he hears it and laughs. American Candy and Diet Soda Society are clever and metaphor-y as frick and it’s amazing how they went about doing those 2 songs. Same Suit Different Tie on the surface is the story of my life, and the deeper meaning is also the story of my life. Another Night On Mars is a much needed song about friendship and feeling at home even if you are far away. Am I Pretty gets real at the bridge – but when listening I find myself getting super sarcastic and I think that’s how it was intended to be. (Un)Lost hits close to home. Miles Away hits close to home. English Girls is another breather from the heavier stuff. Even the album artwork and CD insert etc. are beautiful. Ughhhhhhhhhhhh.
    Must hear: Am I Pretty?, Another Night On Mars, (Un)Lost
  • Hollerado – 111 Songs
    I will admit I did not listen to all 111 songs because I could not commit to that, but I’m sure any huge Hollerado fans are stoked to have SO MANY songs to listen to. I did quite like the song that had my name in it though, I’ll say that.
  • Plain White T’s – American Nights
    Who knew they were back at it? Not me. I like that they didn’t change up their sound dramatically or anything, it sound like the Plain White T’s that everyone knows and appreciates as is.
    Must hear: Heavy Rotation, Someday You’re Gonna Love Me
  • Hudson Taylor – Singing For Strangers
    Nice, chilled music, very comparable to every other chilled album that I’ve listened to and enjoyed. He has a lot of good lyrics.
  • Walk Off The Earth – Rule The World
    Lovely to have a new WOTE tune for the upcoming summer! Very anthemic.
  • The Mowgli’s – Bad Dream
    A fun, breezy song.
  • Young Empires – The Gates
    And another!

Now that probably my most anticipated album of the next while has come out, I’m not sure what to do with myself! What should I be listening to? What are you listening to?

Weekly playlist | March playlist | April playlist

Xo, Rachel


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