Hopefully posting this on time….

  • Haley Blais – Rain Knee
    This 3 song EP is really capturing the feeling of this gloomy Wednesday morning (when I’m writing this), Haley’s voice is soo haunting and beautiful.
  • All Time Low – Runaways
    It feels very cinematic to me (and the chorus reminds me of another song [I can’t figure out which song and it’s killing me]). Here goes my current order of likeness(?) of the 3 songs that have been released from Future Hearts so far: Something’s Gotta Give, Runaways, Kids In The Dark. That’s all I’m saying.
  • Smallpools – LOVETAP!
    Another one of those bands you probably know if you were into 8tracks last summer or the summer before. Their debut album is so peppy and dare I say “sunshiney” again? Would love to hear some of these songs live if I ever get a chance.
    Must hear: Street Fight, Dying To Live, Killer Whales (and honourable mention to Mason Jar because it’s an old favourite)
  • Astro Safari USA – Sherlock
    This band kills me every freaking time. Honestly. They’re ridiculous and they always make me laugh. I am listening to it now and dancing.

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Xo, Rachel


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