Coincidences & the JUNOs

I don’t think I’ve ever posted anything like this before

So, my weekend was out of the ordinary. It seemed like a lot of things kind of worked out in my favour and this whole thing just fell into place, here’s a little timeline..

1st thing: it’s announced that the 2015 JUNOs (a Canadian music awards show) will be held in the city that I live in

2nd thing: i somehow end up at school studying radio broadcasting

3rd thing: one of my teachers is on the JUNO committee and the entire class is given the opportunity to apply to volunteer before the “public”

I applied, and then I waited for a while, and then I was given a few shifts, and then I was given the email of the person in charge of seat fillers, and so I applied, and then I waited for a while, and then I was given the opportunity to fill a goddamn seat.

The JUNOs started for me on the 8th, when I attended a training session (timbits and loot bags included). Basically, there were a billion different volunteer positions available and I was chosen as a door person during JUNOFest (a bunch of concerts at various small venues around downtown on Friday and Saturday). This meant I went down to my assigned venue a few hours before the doors were to open and stayed until the last band was finished playing, monitoring the door. We got free pizza and pretty much just had to stamp people after they’d paid to get in. There were a few more good coincidences on my side at this point..

4th thing: a classmate of mine was assigned to the same venue, as the 2nd door person

5th thing: the venue was never too busy (lots of time to play games on the iPad that a waitress lent us)

6th thing: the person running the event at the venue I was at took my contact information at the end of the second night (so I might be working as a door person again in the future??)

As for seat filling, I had no idea what to expect. There was a huge line outside the door I was instructed to go to where I..

7th thing: ran into a classmate right away, and then met up with 2 others

We then got put into the basement of the place the JUNOs were being held in. After that it was a TON of waiting around until finally the show was starting and I was ushered into an empty seat which was..

8th thing: close enough to my friends that we could talk

9th thing: not occupied for any part of the show. Which meant that although most other seta fillers were moving around during the show, I got to stay in the same place (along with my friends)

10th thing: a FRICKEN GOOD SPOT. I mean, we were the very last seats at side stage, which meant we didn’t see anything from the front (but there were TVs everywhere so…)

I mean, it would have been cool to sit in someone important’s seat for a short time, or sit beside someone important, but I won’t complain. I basically just got to see the show for free.

So yeah, the whole thing was pretty smooth sailing (someone should have told me that on Friday morning when I was FREAKING OUT that I had signed myself up for all of this). I didn’t plan for my list to have a nice, even 10 points but it happened and I like it.

Sometimes life is on your side, and you don’t realize until you take a step back.

Xo, Rachel


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