I firmly believe that winter is just not a good time for music. But as we’re getting closer to Spring… things are starting to happen..

  • Imagine Dragons – Smoke + Mirrors
    Sophmore Slump or Comeback of the Year? I think it’s always difficult when a band’s first album blows up, because it puts so much pressure on them to be just as good or better with the second one. I think they did a good job. The first (I think) single, I Bet My Life was a good sign that they were staying true to their unique style. I think it’s a nice mix of what I call their Tarzan/The Lion King sound, their whimsical style and their heavier side.
    Must hear: Polaroid, It Comes Back To You, Shots
  • Jacob Whitesides – A Piece Of Me EP
    This is the first time I’ve ever actually listened to Jacob, despite knowing people that like him (and following fans of his on Twitter) and I am impressed. I thought he was going to be like every other YouTube/Twitter sensation (aka good looking and young and excellent at utilizing social media but lacking in the actual musical department) and I was wrong. Shocker. He has some really good lyrics and my immediate thought was that he sounded like a nice combination of Cody Simpson and John Mayer, so.
    Must hear: Ohio, Let’s Be Birds
  • Against The Current – Gravity EP
    I’m still on the fence about this band, I think. I like them and I can see the appeal, but they aren’t doing anything out of the ordinary to make themselves stick out to me. Lyrically, the best song on this EP is probably Fireproof (I love an extensive use of metaphors and similes and they really committed), but my favourite is Talk. Because it’s catchy and nice to sing along to when you’re feeling angsty.

And that’s it! A short little list for this week, but a sweet one all the same. I haven’t got anything written on my calendar release-wise for the next few weeks so I am not sure what I’ll be talking about, but I’m sure I’ll find something.

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Xo, Rachel


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