Doing this instead of studying

  • Kodaline – Coming Up For Air
    They had a lot to live up to, considering that I considered their debut one of my favourite albums of 2014 and I am not dissapointed. I think I might like In A Perfect World better, but this one has some really good songs. And I was caught completely off guard when I listened to Play The Game because it sounded so different than everything else. A lot of critics said their first album was boring and maybe the band threw that one in to shake things up.
    Must hear: The One, Better, Human Again
  • The Maine – English Girls
    Off of American Candy, out March 31st!! I love anything and everything The Maine puts out and obviously this is no exception. I’ve been dancing to it while getting ready every day since it came out.
  • Cody Simpson – Flower
    Cute. I like the vibe Cody Simpson always has, very chilled and sunshine-y. Probably because he’s always in either California or on the Gold Coast.

I’ve also been adding songs to my February playlist pretty regularly, so you can see what else I’ve been listening to!

Also, I’ve been seeing this “February song challenge” and today’s question/topic is “a song people wouldn’t expect you to like” and after asking a friend my answer is apparently “old country music” and I guess that’s true. I didn’t really grow up listening to country music and I still don’t really like it. What song could you not picture me enjoying? What song would you pick for yourself? And if I was doing this wrong and it’s meant to be a song people wouldn’t expect you to like that you do like, in which case, it’s definitely anything by One Direction. Or Little Mix.

This week’s playlist

The playlist I’m currently listening to

Xo, Rachel


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