At some point last night I fell into a pit on Spotify and now we have a giant playlist

  • Fifth Harmony – Reflection
    I can 100% appreciate all the girl power and self-love advocation in this album but it’s just not really my kind of music, you know? Like when you see lyrics to a song somewhere but then when you listen you can’t stand the singer’s voice or something? It’s like that. I don’t know. Sledgehammer is so catchy though.
  • LANY – Bad Bad Bad
    After TheLineUp shouted this song out in their latest favourite video, I immediately searched their name on Spotify. It’s some cool, California vibes.
  • Like Pacific – Like Pacific
    Some yelling and angst kind of like Citizen and every other angsty, yell-y band. I’m always down for that.
  • Shawn Mendes – A Little Too Much
    This guy’s voice is some kinda soothing little honey pot. I think he knows it.
  • Title Fight – Hyperview
    I’ve heard mixed reviews, and I’ve yet to form my own opinion. I never really got into Floral Green so I didn’t have any expectations. Not sure if I’ll find myself listening to this very much.
  • Years & Years – Y & Y EP
    Some interesting electronic stuff much like you’d hear during the remix/club music portion that radio stations play on the weekends. The stuff that sounds familiar but you never actually seek out the artist or song after hearing it play.

There’s plenty more on Spotify that I found through reccomendations etc., some of which I’ve listened to and some of which I plan on checking out soon. And you can keep up with my February playlist as well, which includes older stuff and just whatever I’ve been in the mood for lately.

Hope you enjoyed my terrible attempt at describing these songs/albums!! Follow for more weird comparisons and non-reviews!

Xo, Rachel


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