• Fall Out Boy – American Beauty / American Psycho¬†
    As much as I’m not totally digging this album yet, I know that it’ll grow on me because of my deep-set love for Fall Out Boy. It’s different. My initial favourites are probably Favourite Record and The Kids Aren’t Alright
  • Fifth Harmony – Worth It (ft. Kid Ink)
    The intro to this one reminds me of Talk Dirty way too much for me to be able to focus. Also I don’t think I like the kind of sound they’re going for with this album. Yeah. But a lot of their fans seem to be loving it.
  • Laila Fahim – Bones
    (and also Proof) I follow this girl on Tumblr and went ahead and checked out her SoundCloud a little while ago and have fallen for her extremely simple songs, maybe because I see bits of myself in them. And now that I’m actually on her page to get the link, I see she’s posted another original song!
  • Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig
    This is a podcast (the first one I’ve ever mentioned, I think), and I know it’s not even a music podcast but I’ve been listening to various episodes on my bus journeys this week, instead of music and it’s a riot. Although it’s a little embarrassing to be laughing to yourself in public, this is just so funny. She’s great. My favourite episode that I’ve listened to so far is probably the one featuring Flula.

(short but sweet-ish) Spotify playlist

Xo, Rachel


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