Back on that grind though, am I right?

  • All Time Low – Something’s Gotta Give
    They’re back! The new album, Future Hearts, is to be released on April 6th and we are all stoked!!! But for now, you can get the first single on iTunes to hold you over.
  • Tayler Buono – Lucky In Love
    A really good mix of songs about falling in and out of love. I just really love Tayler’s voice, it sounds so sweet and genuine, if that makes sense. And she can write a good lyric.
    Must hear: I Like, It’ll Only Get Better
  • Fall Out Boy – Uma Thurman¬†
    They’ve been releasing songs here and there in the leadup to their album release, and this might be my favourite track so far. Even if I didn’t know who Uma Thurman was. It’s got some interesting, James Bond movie-like sounds.
  • With Confidence – Distance EP
    I’ve been really getting into the Aussie indie/pop-punk scene lately and these guys have been a stand out. I’d say they’re similar to 5 Seconds of Summer, but that’s probably just because they’re both Australian. And that one turning point in London Lights is so good that I keep mistaking it as a new song starting. Love it.
    Must hear: Godzilla, London Lights
  • Megan Trainor – Title
    It’s like this weird mix of 50’s music and fast talking and crooning. Megan has said a few things that have left a bad taste in my mouth, and nothing about this album makes up for that in my eyes. You’re better off listening to the Hairspray soundtrack.
  • Zac Brown Band – Homegrown
    True story my brother is the reason I know about this, he practically stormed into my room and demanded I find it on Spotify and blast it. It’s good. We all like “ZBB” at my house. For more of an explanation of their actual music, they’re like country/folk/rock. I think.
  • Kelly Clarkson – Heartbeat Song
    While this isn’t one of my favourite Kelly songs, I can never really escape her, can I?

We are back into the swing of releases! Lots to look forward to this year.

Spotify playlist (with bonus songs)

Xo, Rachel


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