Alternatively titled: This Year In Music. This list was easy to begin but so hard to finish. I’m not even 100% on these choices although I love them all. Anyways. I get a bit biased towards artists I already know and love, but I did try and include some new discoveries as well!!

  1. Taylor Swift – 1989
    We all loved this. It’s the era in which people stop pretending to hate Taylor Swift and just appreciate the great music she gives us. I think watching her be so proud of these songs makes me love them even more.
  2. One Direction – Four
    Do I even have to say anything about this? One Direction just keep getting better and better with each album. Even my dad has been raving about it and he listens to it in his car when I’m not even there. My grandma has jumped around my kitchen to Act My Age way too many times to count, the whole family is behind this album.
  3. Hunter Hayes – Storyline
    The soundtrack to my spring. I’m not always into country but I think he brings something a bit different to the table whether it be with his instrumental “jam” tracks or catchy but not problematic lyrics.
  4. Modern Baseball – You’re Gonna Miss It All
    I listened to this so much. They are definitely the type of band you’ll probably hate upon first listen because their lyrics learn more towards spoken word than melodic but then they’ll throw a catchy little bit at you and you’ll realize that while seemingly simplistic, their lyrics bulk them up.
  5. Ingrid Michaelson – Lights Out
    I’d never really even listened to Ingrid before but listened to this on a whim and fell in love. It’s driven pop music that’ll get stuck in your head and you won’t even mind. Girls Chase Boys is still stuck in my head.
  6. Ed Sheeran – X
    I didn’t end up listening to this as much as +, but I can’t deny how much I enjoy it. I just got distracted. It combines his stunning love ballads with some grittier, R&B type songs and of course his freaking lyrics are amazing.
  7. Walk The Moon – Talking Is Hard
    Despite getting to know Anna Sun and Tightrope very well during that time when they were included on every single 8tracks playlist being made, I never listened to their debut album. I was intrigued mostly by the title of this album when it came out, and ended up seriously loving it.
  8. Passenger – Whispers
    Will Passenger ever stop writing killer lyrics? No. Probably not. And I love the old storybook type of cover art, it goes brilliantly with his storytelling approach to songwriting.
  9. Seahaven – Reverie Lagoon: Music For Escapism Only
    The title could not be more fitting. I can’t tell you how many mornings I spent at work this past summer just listening to this. Either wishing I was somewhere else or just wishing I was still asleep. It’s so calming and such a contrast to their last album, Winter Forever. This one sounds of lazy days spent in the heat.
  10. The Ready Set – The Bad And The Better
    I had practically forgotten how much I used to love The Ready Set, simply because he hadn’t released a full length CD in ages. This one got me right back on the bus though, it is perfect for blasting while driving around town or actually getting stuff done at work. It’s a polished sound and I’m glad I got to see The Ready Set twice this year performing songs off this album. I hadn’t seen him at all before, but even just his little set at Warped Tour was enough to hook one of my friends, who then came along when he came on a headline this fall.

I tried to keep these blurbs pretty short as to let the music speak for itself (and because I still don’t really know how to explain things). Here’s to another year of really good music!!

Debut albums | Spotify playlist (some albums unavailable)

Xo, Rachel


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