Because I feel like I get a bit biased towards bands I’ve heard before and have already formed an opinion on, here’s a list of some artists and albums that were new this year. In no particular order because I can’t possibly commit to that.

  1. 5 Seconds of Summer – 5 Seconds of Summer
    It’s hard to believe that before this they had only released a few singles and EPs, it feels like they’ve been around ages. Here we have it, probably one of my most played albums of the year with it’s stupidly catchy melodies that took the world by storm. They wanted to bring real guitars back to radio and I think they did just that. Paired with their clever and fun lyrics and overall punk ass kid attitude, it made for a great album.
  2. The Vamps – Meet The Vamps
    And what an appropriate title for a debut. After watching this band grow on YouTube I obviously had to check out their album when it came out. I didn’t really knnow what it would entail, as all of their singles at the time were quite similar, but the indie pop vibe similar to that of some more recent One Direction songs really pulled me in. I’m always down for a band that seems a bit shallow but can actually pull through with great lyrics and an album with a flow.
  3. Kodaline – In A Perfect World
    Every song on this is good at different times. Some days I’m swooning for the sweet sounding harmonicas on Love Like This, other days I lean on The Answer, and sometimes I just wanna think about The Fault In Our Stars while listening to All I Want. It’s very laid back, summery music that makes you feel warm inside, even now when I’m listening to it in December. **added note: this one wasn’t actually released in 2014 but I was super late to the party**
  4. Nina Nesbitt – Peroxide
    Listening to this album now takes me back to being in business school last winter, waiting for buses. It is a good mix of peppy tunes and more mellow ones. And Selfies is probably a masterpiece. There’s a Fleetwood Mac cover, and a song featuring Kodaline. You gotta listen to it.
  5. Lewis Watson – The Morning
    When describing this guy to her mother, my friend said he was “a sad guy with a guitar” and I really have nothing to add to that. If Nick Santino had lived in the UK instead of Arizona, I imagine he’d sound like this. And if you hadn’t been buying all his EPs leading up to this, there’s a super extended version of the album with pretty much every song he’s ever released (kind of like what The 1975 did).
  6. Bleachers – Strange Desire
    We all felt some type of way when we first heard I Wanna Get Better, right? That one still stands as my favourite song on the album, though my second favourite changes constantly. It’s upbeat and fun (lol) and a bit 80s and a bit different.
  7. Real Friends – Maybe This Place Is The Same And We’re Just Changing
    This was the album I had on repeat while camping this summer and it really set the tone for me. They pull from The Wonder Years by splitting up the title into 2 separate tracks that kind of pull the entire album together.
  8. A Great Big World – Is There Anybody Out There?
    This one kind of caught me off guard, if I’m honest. After hearing the huge hit ‘Say Something’ I wasn’t too keen, but then ‘This Is The New Year’ was free on iTunes and I realised that maybe their music was more than I expected. The album is so diverse, going from truly heartfelt love songs to playful ones and back again before you can catch your breath. In the best way.
  9. Moose Blood – I’ll Keep You In Mind, From Time To Time
    I only just discovered it in these last few weeks of the year but I couldn’t possibly leave it out. It’s your typical British emo band, referencing Nirvana and Brand New and other very well-known things. I can’t help but feel deeply connected to each song, and that doesn’t happen often.

  10. Nick Santino – Big Skies

    Well isn’t he saddest little cowboy from Massachusetts. All of the songs flow into each other and it all sounds very raw and off-the-cuff and just real, you know? And it’s this catchy type of happy-sad that is nice to listen to at any and all times.

I am going to put together a playlist of my favourite songs from these albums as well as the 10 I’m posting on Thursday so look forward to that!!! As always, I’m not saying that these are the best albums released this year in terms of prestige and Rolling Stone-ness, these are just my personal favourites. What were yours? Were there any debuts I should have listened to? Lemme know.

Xo, Rachel


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