I am so disoriented after being out of school for a week I didn’t even realize it was Thursday until now

  • Dresses – Lonely One EP
    Hey these guys put out one of my favourites spring albums this year and though this only has 2 new songs and 3 old ones turned acoustic, I still dig it.
  • 5 Seconds of Summer – LIVESOS
    I freaking love a live album. So much. You know this. This showcases the real talent and energy that you experience when seeing 5SOS live and I am all over it (though I do wish they included Lost Boy because that is my O.G. fave).
  • Halsey – Room 93 EP
    Not new but new to me – this is like Lorde and Lana and Bea Miller and a lot of things that I like. Sounds like the soundtrack to teenagers doing things they shouldn’t do.
  • The Piano Guys – Angels We Have Heard On High
    More free holiday songs on iTunes!!

That’s it for me this week, other than the new Fall Out Boy song (not on Spotify……) which everyone has been raving about.


Xo, Rachel


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