Let’s get cracking

  • McBusted – McBusted
    I expected myself to like this album, but I’ve been listening to it NON-STOP. Seriously. It’s so dorky and ridiculous and everything that makes McBusted wonderful. I’ll admit I never truly got into Busted though I was/am a huge McFly fan, but this supergroup is a whole new level.
    Must hear: Hate Your Guts, In Da Club, Get Over It, What Happened To Your Band
  • Walk The Moon – Talking Is Hard
    (Before this album I’d only heard their singles. Just an added note) I love the vibe and sound of this band and this album is pretty cool. Like Vampire Weekend and San Cisco etc. and every 8tracks playlist tagged as “indie pop”, it makes you feel good.
    Must hear: Down In The Dumps, Sidekick, Portugal
  • The Summer Set – Legendary (Deluxe Rerelease)
    In my opinion, not worth buying again. The bonus songs/demos aren’t anything special and the alternate version of Lightning In A Bottle is interesting but the original album felt complete without all this.
  • Hollywood Ending – Punk A$$ Kids EP
    It’s not pop music to write home about, but it’s good fun to sing along to if you’re in the mood for pretty shallow lyrics and feeling a bit rebellious.
  • She & Him – Classics
    Honestly, this whole album kind of put me to sleep. Which is not always a bad thing but I don’t know. Not feelin’ it.
  • Pentatonix – Silent Night
    The first free holiday song is an acapella one chalked full of beautiful harmonies.

Sorry this ended up sounding so negative! I’m not actually displeased with any of these things I’ve mentioned, I’m just not head over heels and I don’t wanna pretend to feel some type of way.

Anyways, the Spotify playlist is: here

Xo, Rachel


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