Happy Thanksgiving from one Canadian that is celebrating for the hell of it

  • Olly Murs – Never Been Better
    The opening track, ‘Did You Miss Me’ is a perfect start because you know what, I did. While no songs are pulling me in as much as ones from previous albums like Change Is Gonna Come and What A Buzz (still personal favourites), I’m enjoying it. It’s a fun album with a cohesive sound that’s very Olly.
    Must hear: Up (feat. Demi Lovato!!!!), Did You Miss Me, Never Been Better
  • The Neighbourhood – #ICantEven feat. French Montana
    I feel like this band is such a good autumn/winter band and now I have another song to add to the eerie vibes playlist. After seeing the title, I thought it was going to be joke-y but it’s more a play on the hashtag in a serious situation?
  • Coldplay – Ghost Stories [Live Album]
    This made me fall in love with the album all over again. I love a good live album, any time anywhere.
  • Dallas Smith – Cheap Seats
    iTunes free single of the week is another country one. While I can’t get into the actual song, I love the concept. And I miss summer.

Of course I’ve still been listening to Four like it’s my job, and 5 Seconds of Summer just announced a live album that will be out mid December! Did I mention how much I love live albums???? Because I really do.

Spotify playlist

Xo, Rachel


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