One Direction – Four | Album Review

I’m gonna take a deep breath and try to actually write this out

Let’s start track by track, as per usual

  1. Steal My Girl
    Once again we’re thrown off the album’s true vibe with the 1st single.. but we’ll just let them have it.
  2. Ready To Run
    The intro sounds like Story Of My Life and it seems like a step towards moving past the last album in terms of the story. I like it,
  3. Where Do Broken Hearts Go
    Heck yeah everyone thought this was going to be sad but it’s a banger. I am picturing an arena screaming along to the chorus and feeling right at home. It just has that vibe.
  4. 18
    And now we get the heartfelt one written by Ed Sheeran that is way too cute to even bare.
  5. Girl Almighty
    Some girl power to lift you back up after 18. Although there is only one verse, just repeated twice. I’ll let it slide because I’m too busy dancing.
  6. Fools Gold
    An interesting one about accepting the love you’re given, even if you know it’s not real? Some very good metaphors used in this one.
  7. Night Changes
    The next single is about growing up and being scared but going with it, I think. Please watch the music video previews if you wanna feel some type of way.
  8. No Control
    OK. Okay Louis. Alright. You just take over. We all know what this one is about.
  9. Fireproof
    Hey I still really love this one!!!
  10. Spaces
    Everyone keeps saying this is about the band eventually breaking up and I am not about to bring that pain upon myself. It’s pretty.
  11. Stockholm Syndrome
    Uh.h.hhhhh…. “it’s about a nympho” … (anyways this one is cool).
  12. Clouds
    Did they just make a song that sounds like being above the clouds. Am I imagining things? It’s another banger.
  13. Change Your Ticket
    Some 1975-esque guitars with some catchy lyrics about – you guessed it – not wanting someone to leave.
  14. Illusion
    Reminds me of some kinda early 2000s pop song. It’s clear they have 2 different sounds on the album and this goes along with the more upbeat of the 2.
  15. Once In A Lifetime
    Back to that common theme of a love that beats the odds. This one has me a bit emotional. Moving on..
  16. Act My Age
    So here’s an Irish folk song combined with what we heard on Clouds etc. about One Direction still being fricking ridiculous even when they get “fat and old” and it is very strange but probably one of my favourites. And then there’s those harmonies. I’m weak. The world needs more songs about friendship because it’s very important.

This band just keeps getting better and better by figuring out which sounds they like and which sounds they do best and hello here’s my bit about being really proud. They are putting more and more of themselves in their music and it’s evident by the way their sound has changed. They deserve all the good reviews they are getting and I cannot wait for On The Road Again tour followed by the next album they’ll do. I tried to use colours to group similar songs together but of course if you listen you can decide that for yourself. Happy listening!!!

Xo, Rachel


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