This is a bit late, I forgot what day it was.

  • 8123 – Fall Sampler
    This is a record label I fully stand behind, and if you’re curious, each band has a song on this, up on their website for free.
  • The Cardinals – Make Up Your Mind EP
    I found this duo through some covers they’ve done, and although I’m not 100% on their original stuff, I do have that it of Canadian pride making me love them a little bit.
  • HAERTS – Giving Up
    iTunes free single of the week sounds like a dream pop sequence.
  • Forever Ends Here – Oceans Away
    I just recently found this band (and watched every single video on their YouTube channel…) and I think they’re great. And now I’m finding this whole community of Australian pop-rock bands that are also great.
  • One Direction – Ready To Run
    Just picture me in a crowded cafeteria, getting word that this song had been released and almost comically dropping my burrito out of my hand to pick up my phone and go listen to it. Wow. More Fireproof than Steal My Girl, but everyone expected that would be how the album would go.

In other news, when I haven’t been listening to these tunes, I’ve been rocking out to 1989 like it’s my job. Spotify playlist: here.

Xo, Rachel


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