Take a wild guess which one of these things I’ve been listening to pretty much non-stop since Monday…

  • Mary Lambert – Heart On My Sleeve
    She can go from a spoken word type of deal to a real eerie sound with a rap feature to a cover of Jessie’s Girl. Pop music is amazing.
    Must hear: Monochromatic, So Far Away, Secrets
  • You + Me – rose ave.
    I’m not totally sold on this duo but I also don’t hate it (I don’t hate many things). It’s pleasant. I don’t have any strong feelings.
    Must hear: Break the Cycle, Open Door, From A Closet In Norway (Oslo Blues)
  • Milky Chance – Down By The River
    iTunes free single is from an album I’ve spoken about before, and an artist that happens to be playing in Toronto in a few hours.
  • Taylor Swift – Out Of The Woods
    I didn’t realize I needed a Taylor Swift/Jack Antonoff collaboration, but I most definitely did. This song is everything I love about Bleachers mixed with that Swift charm and storytelling and if possible, I am now even more excited to hear 1989.

The short+sweet playlist is right here, and in case you’re curious about the tracklist for One Direction’s upcoming album Four, that’s here!

Xo, Rachel


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