The “Listen Later” Collection: Vol. 5

It’s been way too long since I dove into this huge mess of a playlist – but I did find some gems

Taylor Swift covered Riptide in the Radio 1 Live Lounge
One of my favourite Live Lounge covers as of late, she does this song so well (she does everything quite well). If you don’t like this rendition, The Griswolds also covered it recently.

Jamie McDell – Just Kidding
She is such an effortlessly cool person like just watch this she’s sitting on a picnic table with a bucket hat on. See also: this one.

Passenger, The Once, Stu Larsen – America
The very last video in the series, just as wonderful as the rest. On a personal note, this song mixed with Mike’s voice reminds me of my dad/my childhood. I’m not sure why.

Ed Sheeran covered She Looks So Perfect
And I can’t remember if I’d seen it before but it’s so good I don’t mind.

Twenty One Pilots – Fall Away (Live ft. Dr. Blum)
I am so about live brass instruments and woah.

And since it’s been 3 weeks or so, there’s a heap of other videos in the playlist that I will let you take a look at here! (although I did sneak a few extra in this post)


Xo, Rachel


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