I don’t know how I forgot that all of this music was being released but I was hit like a freight train on Tuesday.

  • Yellowcard – Lift A Sail
    How does this band continue to be so good after so long?
    Must hear: Convocation, Make Me So
  • Alex & Sierra – It’s About Us
    Because this is their debut I’ll tell you that they sound like Us and A Great Big World and and Christina Perri and they’re a sickeningly cute couple that make sickeningly cute songs. And they were on US X Factor a few seasons back.
    Must hear: Cheating, Just Kinds, Bumper Cars
  • Weezer – Everything Will Be Alright In The End
    Heck yeah I’ve been jamming to some old school sounding rock jams and I’ve been loving it.
  • Lower Than Atlantis – Lower Than Atlantis
    More alternative music with a UK twist
    Must hear: Stays The Same, Words Don’t Come So Easily (Alternative Version)
  • Steve Moakler – Wide Open
    On a different note, this alt. country thing is brilliant. A great work of lyrics.
    Must hear: Rather Make A Living, Wide Open, Crooked Heart
  • New Found Glory – Ressurection
    I just feel so angsty and head-bang-y when I listen to this band it’s a lot of fun. Brings me back to that Warped Tour state of mind.
    Must hear: Selfless, Vicious Love
  • Betty Who – Take Me When You Go
    And then we have some spacey, 80’s type pop from this lovely woman.
    Must hear: Just Like You, California Rain, Somebody Loves You
  • Fire/Works – Elephant
    iTunes free single of the week is this indie rock piece that is going straight to any autumn playlist that I make.

This was probably all over the place and a perfect example of my “taste” in music and the playlist is right here.

Xo, Rachel


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