We’re entering One Direction territory (late September-late November) so don’t expect me to shut up about them for a while now

  • One Direction – Steal My Girl
    So they sound like a proper boy band again. This is such a contrast from Fireproof (maybe because they didn’t have much input on the writing of this one) and now I’m so curious what the rest of Four will entail. Stay tuned, eh?
  • The Script – No Sound Without Silence
    If you like The Script (you probably do, even if you don’t realize) then obviously. It doesn’t stray from what you’d expect their sound to be, and I can appreciate that.
    Must hear: Man On A Wire, Hair Rain Or Sunshine
  • Lorde – Yellow Flicker Beat
    A song she did for the upcoming Hunger Games movie soundtrack that has a great build.
  • Electric Youth – Runaway
    iTunes free single of the week sounds a bit like ocean sounds, turned electronic. Echo-y. Cool.

That’s all I got, and it’s on Spotify if you just click here

Xo, Rachel


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