The “Listen Later” Collection: Vol. 4

This time around I strongly suggest you check out the actual playlist, because there’s a lot more than what I’m mentioning..

San Francisco – Stu Larsen, Passenger, The Once
he final video in the NA tour series, a song about which Mike himself said, “i remember hearing it for the first time and feeling like i’d heard it a million times before” – and I agree.

Labrinth cover Shake It Off in the Radio 1 Live Lounge
Okay.. it started off a bit rough and then all of a sudden it picked up and turned into something so cool.

Highasakite cover Heavenly Father on Triple J
And it legitimately sounds like a professionally recorded thing? They brought their own lights and had a flugabone??

Box of Light – Heights (Live session)
This is so gritty and rugged and awesome to listen to.

Foreign Tongues – Luxury (Official video)

So here’s the playlist (there were a lot more good Live Lounge covers, just sayin)!

Xo, Rachel


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