The “Listen Later” Collection: Vol. 3

It’s been more than a couple of weeks so I’ve got some good stuff to share

Connor Ball (The Vamps) – Young Volcanoes (Cover)
Each member of the band did a lil cover on their YouTube channel and this one stood out to me, I guess.

The Maine – Into Your Arms (Live/Acoustic)
This song and video are so beautiful and I was lucky enough to attend this tour. Favourite band.

Flula – Shake It Off (Cover)
This was fun to watch, he’s such a character.

5 Seconds of Summer – I Miss You (Live Lounge Cover)
So they brought back this old cover and the entire fandom turned to mush.

Passenger, The Once, Stu Larsen – Nothing Compares To You (Cover)
The newest video in their series of covers. Once again, the blurb in the description is insightful and endearing. So much talent.

Part 1/2 and you can listen to the playlist in it’s entirety here¬†where it’s constantly growing!!

Xo, Rachel



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