On Change

and moving forward.

So here I am, a year into blogging and starting all over. This is a new type of blog, and an entirely new host. I figured since other things in my life are changing, I could change from my blog that I had been neglecting. 

First off, I’m trying this college thing again. I remember it couldn’t have been even 2 weeks after classes started last year that I found myself emailing the school’s radio coordinator asking if I could have a position. And then to my surprise, a couple days later I was in his office. It was on a whim, honestly not thinking I would get a reply. Obviously I didn’t get in, as I had no experience and wasn’t even in a media program. But even that early on I could feel that I made the wrong decision saying yes to business school. Over the year I grew even more disconnected (but I stuck it out) and now I think I’m in the place I should be in. Yeah, I’m fricken terrified of what these next 2 years in the radio broadcasting program will entail, and the self doubt is off the charts, but I’m one for sticking it out (as previously noted). I can already sense that I’m surrounded by a completely different group of individuals, and I’m excited. For everything. 

As for blogging, I never really lost my interest but I was never happy with how my blog looked. And I was sick of having 2 blogs, and I didn’t like either of my URLs so I decided to go back to the drawing board. Thus I’ve come to this new place.

Change is cool. Change is really scary and it’s so easy to just keep things the way they are. I like to think I’m good at making changes when necessary, but I’m probably not. I still try, though. All I know is that I love blogging, and the whole community and I want to stay in it. And I want to take this radio route. And I want to be the kind of person that isn’t afraid to speak up, take charge, and make new friends. I’m sure those last points will be the hardest. I’ll try.

I’ll be back tomorrow for a brand new edition of This Week In Music (thinking about chancing the name, actually) so stick around. 



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