the tattour

I have quite a few tattoos at this point and haven’t posted much about any of them, so here’s this.

I kind of gave up taking nice photos after the first like 4 tattoos so I really had to hunt through my photo archives to find all of these.

OK so, in the order that I got them:

  • The frowny faces (Dundas)
    On my ankles, done in Hamilton right after I turned 18 (done at separate times). This is the symbol that The Summer Set used to promote their album Everything’s Fine and I just really liked it, and thought the frown was funny considering what the album was called. The happy-sad humor. One is right side up and the other is upside down, because I wanted them to match but not be exactly the same.
  • The constellation (Hamilton)
    My star sign, the virgo. I don’t really follow astrology but I love space.
  • The fastforward/rewind (Toronto)
    A matching tattoo I got with one of my friends that I met through the internet/similar music tastes. Seemed fitting.
  • The hearts (Vancouver)
    Zayn Malik drew this and it was included in a sticker set that came with one of One Directions albums. I thought it was cute.
  • Girl almighty (Vancouver)
    A One Direction song. Also like, girl power.
  • The pansies (Halifax)
    My favourite flower, my favourite colour.
  • The blue flowers (Hamilton)
    They’re meant to be forget-me-nots but they turned out way bigger than that. I just love flowers.
  • Temporary (Victoria)
    Thought that would be funny. It’s permanent. Lol.
  • The flower chain (Kelowna)
    Thought it was cute. Love flowers.
  • The lavender branch (Seattle)
    See above.
  • The tandem bike (Tobermory)
    For my best friend. She visited me once in Vancouver and we rented a tandem bike to ride around Stanley Park. It was a riot.
  • The spider web (Tobermory)
    I was living in a cabin in the woods. Felt like I spent the entire summer covered in cobwebs.

And that’s all, dudes! For now!

Xo, Rachel



My dad, my little sister and I went up to Algonquin provincial park last month for my birthday and it quickly became one of my favourite parks I’ve ever been to. I already can’t wait to go back and explore more of it. It’s a huge freaking park and I just saw a tiny piece.

Here are some photos – and if you’re ever in the area, I highly suggest you check it out.

Seriously!!!! Ontario, your diversity kills me!

Beauty days, beauty spots, beauty beauty. I loved it.

Xo, Rachel


I used to be a pretty miserable human being. I know this. Honestly, it feels pretty strange to not be sad all of the time.

I was talking to a friend recently and they were explaining how they almost feel guilty for being happy. Like it’s not who they are. And I have been feeling that, too. Who am I if I’m not feeling depressed? I spent so many formative years hating my life that I never planned for the future. All of the sudden things are looking bright and I don’t know what to do with myself. I never picked up any lasting hobbies, being sad was the only thing that I was. But now I don’t even have that. And everyone else already knows who they are.

It’s like I got so used to the rain that I kept an umbrella above my head everywhere I went, and never even bothered looking up to see that the sun had come out. You know?

Who am I without the rain cloud that followed me around?

My friend said it was kind of freeing, though, to be a blank slate at 22 – to be able to curate your life. It’s true. I guess it’s never too late to be the person you want to be, or whatever.

Another friend and I were talking about how great it is to no longer be a teenager. Oh how sweet it is, my friends. The sweetest. I used to think the whole “it gets better” line was crap, but it’s true. It gets better! So much better! You’ll have the freedom to be yourself and do what you want and mess stuff up and it’ll be magical!

Processed with VSCO with b1 preset

So what if I didn’t start kayaking when I was 13? I’m starting now. And I don’t care that most people my age that like kayaking are already way better than me. You gotta start somewhere.

I’m just glad the rain subsided for a little while.

Xo, Rachel